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What is a TSSA red tag warning ??


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If your homes gas appliance,  furnace, fireplace, water heater, or other gas related equipment has been tedtagged by a licensed TSSA gas technician or HVAC contractor in Ontario, you probally have , questions about what this warning tag means and how to get the red tag removed by getting your home back to safe operation. 

A Warning Tag or Red Tag on your furnace means that a licensed gas fitter  (TSSA certified) has found your gas equipment , being a furnace , water heater, fireplace etc, to be unsafe for operation in its current condition.

Here are a few common red tag warning answers and questions to help you know what you need to get back up working with your homes heating system. What is a red tag furnace warning tag? 

 A red tag, commonly known as a (product warning tag ), will be be placed on gas appliances such as furnaces, Water heaters, fireplace and gas piping in your home or business by a licensed TSSA approved gas technician to show that the gas unit is no longer safe for you or your family to operate and has to be repaired or replaced with an appliance that is in safe working order. Depending on the type and seriousness of the issue at hand, the gas pipe fitter is required by Ontario law to turn off the gas ASAP as a safety measure to protect your home and family members. What are the types of red tags and TSSA warning tag put on your homes furnace and other gas appliances? The very first is a type A warning tag. If a licensed heating contractor has found an immediate danger, or potential hazard , a carbon monoxide leak , or your home furnace gets a Type A red tag and your natural gas supply will be turned off imediately for the safety of all concerned. . The type B, TSSA red tag. These type of warning tags are given, If the furnace does not pose an immediate danger to the homeowner, a Type B warning tag will be applied to the furnace and Enbridge or Enercare will told about the danger with the furnace, water heater, fireplace, gas piping, ETC. This redtag gives you a 30-day time limit to have the gas equipment properly repaired or replaced by a licensed contracting company.. If the problem is not repaired by the date writtenon the warning tag, your natural supply gas will be turned off by the Enbridge. Why did the gas contractor give us a red tag ? You have probally received a red tag because an Ontario licensed gas technician has found a hazardous issue on your furnace, fireplace, water heater, or gas piping system that uses natural gas to your home. For example, if a crack in the heat exchanger is found, it will release carbon monoxide into your rsidence. Remember, Carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas, which can cause serious health problems or death if goes undetected. Why is carbon monoxide dangerour ? Carbon monoxide is harmful and can be deadly, because it can rapidly accumulate in the blood stream, reducing the bloods ability to carry the needed oxygen to the bodies vital organs. If carbon monoxide is leaking through a crack in the heat exchanger, there is a very good chance of it mixing with the air that is created by the gas furnace and thus pushing through the air vents in your homes ducting system, or water heater venting, fireplace etc. To prevent a carbon monoxide danger in your home of business, the heating companies will issue a Type A red tag to your furnace, your local utility (Enbridge gas ) and TSSA are notified, and your natural gas supply to your home is turned off. Is it possible to have my furnace repaired or do I need to get a new one heater installed ? Replacing your furnace or doing a repair will depends on how dangerous the syrtem is in. If by chance you got a , (Type - A red tag) like a crack in a heat exchanger, you will most likely need to replace your homes furnace because the cracks are not worth fixing compared to buying a new furnace. But if you get a (Type B red tag) , then the issue is less of a hazard, and it is more than likely that you should be able to get a repair on your furnace within the 30 day red tagged allowance. But if your homes gas furnace getting past the 20 year range, it may be best to replace it and start getting yearly furnace service and maintenace. What do most people do who get a red tag at there home? You should call a licensed TSSA contractor to inspect your gas equipment. Working with natural gas systems requires safety and care. Our licensed TSSA ontario contracting services inspect all jobs with safety as a priority. Getting a red tag on your furnace can be confusing and bothersome. We are here to help you with the steps you will need to take to be safe and comfortable with you and your family. If your furnace has been condemned, get in touch with us to Call us today (905) 403-9914 for any questions you have about getting a TSSA reg removed from your furnace today.

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