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Furnace ignitors

Furnace Hot Surface Ignitors and glow plugs for furnaces and heating systems  

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Furnace hot surface ignitors or glow plugs are found on most  furnaces to light the gas flames upon furnace start-up. Electricity passes through the Silicon Carbide ignitor and makes it glow red hot. Operating under normal conditions a hot surface ignitor will last for 3 to 5 years. During that time ignitors glow plugs will eventually crack and need to be replaced. Like a light bulb, they are a regular replacement item. Most ignitors are interchangeable as long as they fit in the furnace space provided.

Select your ignitor by looking at the one you have, and comparing it to the photos of ignitors here; select the one most similar. Also, you can use our easy chart to assist you. If when selecting your replacement hot surface ignitor you don't find the exact base and connector combination, keep in mind that most ignitors include ceramic wire nuts to adapt. For longer ignitor life, an ignitor made of a material called Nitride is available below as well. (Please note that ignitors are very fragile and can break easily during installation if not handled carefully.)

Forced air furnaces

  Goodman 0230K00001
Replacement Goodman Mini Ignitor With Bracket GMV - GCV


  White Rodgers 767A-357
Hot Surface Ignitor replaces White Rodgers 767A-303, 767A-353

  White Rodgers 767A-361
Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-405, 271D, 201D

  White Rodgers 767A-369   popular
Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-401, 271A, 201A, Amana D99182

  White Rodgers 767A-370
Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-409,Trane IGN26, Carrier LH33ZS 002

  White Rodgers 767A-371   popular
Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-402, 271W, 201W, Rheem 62-22441-01.

  White Rodgers 767A-372   popular
Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-408, Rheem 62-22441-01, Trane IGN0054

      White Rodgers 767A-373
    Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-412, Goodman, ICP

      White Rodgers 767A-374
    Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-406, 271Y, 201Y, Weil McLain

      White Rodgers 767A-376
    Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-407 and Trane IGN30

      White Rodgers 767A-377
    Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Trane B144676P01 and Norton / Robertshaw 41-410

      White Rodgers 767A-378
    Mini Hot Surface Ignitor, Replaces Norton 41-602

      White Rodgers 767A-379
    Mini Hot Surface Ignitor, Replaces Norton 41-603

      White Rodgers 767A-380
    Mini Hot Surface Ignitor, Replaces Norton 41-604

      White Rodgers 767A-382
    Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-404, 271, 201, American Std. IGN0030, Snyder General 1380654

      White Rodgers 767A-383
    Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton 41-411 and Rheem 62-22868-82

      White Rodgers 768A-842
    Nitride Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces White-Rodgers 768A-2, Amana 11111701

      White Rodgers 768A-843
    Nitride Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces White-Rodgers/Thermo Products 768A-143

      White Rodgers 768A-844
    Nitride Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces White-Rodgers 768A-4, Lennox 41K5601

      White Rodgers 768A-845
    Nitride Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces White-Rodgers 768A-5, Trane B340970P01

      White Rogers 767A-384
    Hot-Surface Ignitor - Universal Kit, Replaces Norton 41-414

      White-Rodgers 21D64
    Replace Your Ignitor With Silicon Carbide Type That Lasts 3 Times Longer!

      White-Rodgers 767A-381
    Mini Hot-Surface Ignitor replaces Norton / Robershaw 41-406

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    AAON Evolved from  Sunbeam.

    ADDISON PRODUCTS: Purchased by Heat Controller in 1995, by Fedders in 2005.

    ACRE-FOOT  Lennox  economy line sold by Lennox dealers.

    AIRQUEST: Name used by International Comfort Products. ICP.

    AIRTEMP: Started by carmaker Walter P. Chrysler in 1934, became a part of Fedders Corporation   1976.

    ALLIED AIR: Part of Lennox  Air Ease, Armstrong, Concord and Ducane. 

    AMANA used to be a part of  Raytheon  now   Goodman Manufacturing.

    AMERICAN FURNACE AFCO In 1968 became part of the climate control division of the Singer Company In 1970 became Singer American Furnace.

    AMERICAN STANDARD   Tappan Air Conditioning division in 1972. American Standard furnace purchased the Trane Company in 1984. American-Standard name revived in 1988. In 2006 American-Standard announced that the corporate name will be changed to Trane. 

    ARCO furnaces Acquired by Snyder General in 1984 from Atlantic Richfield. Added to Climate Control unit as Arcoaire. In 1991 became part of Inter City Products now International Comfort Products with   Comfortmaker. In 1999, ICP was purchased by United Technologies,  Carrier.

    ARKLA  Division sold to Preway, Incorporation. Preway sold Servel gas air conditioning to the Dometic Corporation. High efficiency furnace technology sold to Trane. Servel name now sold by Robur.

    ARMSTRONG:Founded by Lennox in 1928, became division of the Johnson Corp. in 1976. See Magic Chef. Name revived in 1988 to Armostrong Air after Lennox purchased the climate control line from Magic Chef.

    BARD: Bard furnace Manufacturing.

    BOHN: A subsidiary of Lennox International.

    BRYANT: Founded by Charles Bryant in 1904, now  division of Carrier Corp-United Technologies.

    CARRIER furnaces A wholly owned subsidiary of United Technologies. See carrier furnaces.

    CENTURY  Century Engineering Corp, Cedar Rapids, purchased by Heat Controller in 1975. Century name still used by Heat Controller on products made by OEMs.

    CLIMATEMASTER: Formed from  several brands, among them Friedrich ClimateMaster and California Heat pump. 

    COLEMAN furnaces and Heating division started in 1958. Bought by MacAndrews & Forbes Group in 1989, by Beacon International using the name Evcon Industries in 1990, by York International in 1994.

    COMFORTAIRE: A tradename of Heat Controller furnaces. 

    COMFORTMAKER: Old AFCO name revived at founding of SnyderGeneral by former Singer HVAC boss. See Singer. Comfortmaker now owned by Inter-City Products. In 1999, ICP was purchased by United Technologies.

    COMMAND-AIRE: Water source heat pump maker now owned by American-Standard.

    CONSOLIDATED: Out of business in late 1990s, remaining assets and furnace designs purchased by Texas Furnace Co. Was also sold as Premier

    COOLERATOR, McGRAW-EDISON: Lasted listed as making HVAC products in 1978.

    CRANE  Stopped making HVAC products in 1968. Furnace technology sold to Amana.

    CUMBERLAND: A brand name used by American-Standard/Trane.

    DAIKIN: Japanese manufacturer of commerical products and mini-splits. Now owns McQuay. 

    DAY & NIGHT Started in 1909 as a solar water heater maker, later part of the BDP Co. division of Carrier Corp-United Technologies. Name being dropped as of late 1997.

    DELCO  Old GM appliance division last listed in 1964.

    DUCANE  furnace Purchased by Lennox in 1999.

    DUNHAM-BUSH  Most divisions sold to Topgroup Holdings Berhad of Malaysia.

    DUOMATIC-OLSEN  Canadian maker changed name to DMO Industries with Olsen & Airco as brand names.

    ECR INTERNATIONAL: North American brands include Airco, Dunkirk, Hyundai, EMI, Olsen, Oneida Royal, Pennco, Retroaire, Utica

    ELECTRIC-FURNACE-MAN: Now known as EFM Company making boilers & furnaces

    EUBANK: Purchased by Fedders

    FANDAIRE: Last A/C units manufacturered in 1962.

    FASCO Stopped making HVAC products in 1983. Now make furnace blowers and ventor motors.

    FRASER-JOHNSTON: Became part of Westinghouse. Name dropped in 1978 with end of Westinghouse HVAC products. Name now used by York International.

    FEDDERS: Left the unitary market around 1980, returned in early 2000s with Chinese made outdoor units. 

    FRIEDRICH: Residential HVAC acquired by ARCO in early 80s. In 1985 became Friedrich Climate Master Inc. selling water source heat pumps. Friedrich name dropped from tradename in 1987. Friedrich HVAC products evolved into Arcoaire. Friedrich name still used on window units & mini splits after purchase of Zoneaire from ICP.

    FRIGIDAIRE: GM appliance brand name now owned by Electrolux licensed by Nordyne.

    GAFFERS & SATTLER: In 1969 became a subsidiary of Magic Chef. Name no longer used.

    GENERAL ELECTRIC: HVAC division purchased by the Trane Company in 1982.

    GIBSON: Name used by Nordyne under license. 

    GOETTL: Arizona manufactuer of select residential & light commercial equipment

    GOODMAN MFG: Started by contractor Harold Goodman in 1982, purchased from the furnace  Goodman family in 2004 by Apollo Management. 

    GREEN COLONIAL: Des Moines company stopped making HVAC products in 1975.

    HALL-NEAL FURNACE: Indianapolis company last listed in 1966.
    Furnace repair Mississauga.
    HASTINGS: Last listed in 1964, now manufacturers unit & duct heaters.

    HEIL-QUAKER: Purchased by Inter City Gas, Toronto, from Whirlpool Corp. Tempstar name added to replace Whirlpool name. HVAC division now part of International Comfort Products. In 1999, ICP was purchased by United Technologies.
    Furnace service Mississauga
    HENRY FURNACE [MONCRIEF]: Purchased by Luxaire, Inc. Now part of York International.
    Furnace cleaning Oakville
    HOME FURNACE: Became Home Furnace division, Lear-Siegler Inc. Became Miller Heating & Air Conditioning in 1986 after being acquired by Nortek Inc. Now listed as Nordyne. See Intertherm.

    INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS: See Heil-Quaker furnaces.  Furnace repair company Mississauga.

    INTERNATIONAL HEATER: In 1965 controlling interest acquired by Weil-McLain. Became International Heating & Air Conditioning division in 1973. Last listed in 1974. Weil-McLain now owned by United Dominion.

    INTERNATIONAL OIL BURNER: Founded in St. Louis in 1919. Became Intertherm in 1969.

    INTERTHERM: Became Nordyne company in 1987. Brandmate Miller. In 1998, Nordyne started marketing under Electrolux brands Frigidaire, Philco, Tappan, Kelvinator & Gibson. Also making Maytag brand under license.  Parent company is Nortek. 

    IRON FIREMAN: Now owned by Vapor Power, making power burners.

    ITT: Stopped making HVAC products in 1983.

    JANITROL: Division of Surface Combustion Co. became division of Midland-Ross in 1960, division of Tappan in 1977. Janitrol name sold to Goodman Mfg. (see Goodman) in 1982 now dropped. Also Amana furnaces.

    JOHNSON, AIR-EASE: Founded in 1958 by C.A. Olsen (who started Luxaire Johnson. Became part of Magic Chef in 1972. Now owned by Lennox. Air Ease brand now part of Allied Air division of Lennox.

    KELVINATOR  Name used by Nordyne under license Repair of furnace Mississauga.

    KOLDWAVE: Manufacturer of portable cooling equipment

    LENNOX: Lennox Industries furnaces.

    LUXAIRE: Founded in 1939, purchased by Westinghouse in 1955, was purchased by York in 1981.

    MAGIC CHEF: In 1986, Magic Chef was acquired by the Maytag Co. Air conditioning division was sold to Lennox in 1988 and renamed Armstrong Air. See Johnson.
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    MAJESTIC: Ceased making HVAC equipment in 1966.  Mississauga heating contractor.

    MAMMOTH: Formerly owned by Lear-Siegler, now owned by Nortek. Sister companies include Governaire, Broan-Nutone, Nordyne, Venmar

    MAYFLOWER: St. Paul furnace company last listed in 1962.

    MAYTAG: Name used by Nordyne under license.

    McQUAY: Formerly a division of SnyderGeneral, later owned by Hong Leong Group Malaysia. Now owned by Daikin. 

    MILLER: Was Miller the Home Furnace Company started in 1916. Now part of Nordyne.

    MITCHELL: Last listed in 1958. Oakville heating companies.

    MONCRIEF: Division of York International. See Henry Furnace.

    MUELLER CLIMATROL: In 1964 became Climatrol Div. Worthington Air Conditioning. Eventually bought out by Fedders. See Worthington and Fedders.

    NATIONAL U.S. RADIATOR (Capitolaire): Acquired by Crane in 1960.

    NESBITT: Acquired by ITT in 1963. Divested by ITT in 1979 and filed for bankrupcy in 1980. Now a trade name of Mechanical Specialties, Inc.

    NIAGRA : Acquired by Rybolt in 1961. Etobicoke repairs of furnaces.

    OLSEN: In 1965 became Luxaire, Inc. with brand names Luxaire & Moncrief. Acquired by Westinghouse then sold to York Div. Borg-Warner in 1981. Olsen name no longer in use by York.

    ONEIDA-ROYAL: Purchased by Utica Boilers Inc. in 1990, see ECR.surface ignitors

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    PAYNE: Started by D. W. Payne in 1914, later becoming part of BDP with Bryant and Day & Night. Now a  Carrier brand name furnace.

    PEERLESS: In 1964 became Peerless Division, Space Conditioning Systems. Eventually acquired by Dunham-Bush with names dropped in mid 1970s.

    PEERLESS HEATER: Boiler manufacturer since 1908.

    PERFECTION: Became Perfection Division, Hupp Industries in 1964. In 1965, Perfection name dropped. Later known as Typhoon Div, Hupp Industries. Hupp in bankrupcy in 1991. Perfection Industries was purchased by Schwank in 1981, now operating as Schwank Inc. making radiant heaters. Furnace repairing Mississauga Oakville Burlington Etobicoke.

    PHILCO: Name used by Nordyne under license.  surface ignitor
    surface igniters
    oven hot surface ignitor
    hot surface ignitors
    goodman hot surface ignitor
    glow plug ignitors


    RHEEM: Rheem Manufacturing is owned by Japanese water heater manufacturer Paloma.

    ROUND OAK: Last listed in 1963. See Peerless.

    RUUD furnaces: Part of Rheem Manufacturing. See Rheem furnace.

    RYBOLT: Last listed in 1973. Cleaning repairing repair of all furnaces.

    SILENT AUTOMATIC: Last listed in 1961. See Iron Fireman.

    SINGER: In 1982 became climate control unit of SnyderGeneral Corp. with name dropped. In 1984 SnyderGeneral operations included Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, McQuay. In 1988 SynderGeneral bought American Air Filter. In 1991, sold Arcoaire & Comfortmaker to Inter-City Products.

    SOUTHWEST MFG: Became Heatwave International in 1984, later going bankrupt.

    SPACE CONDITIONER: Became Dunham-Bush division in 1968.

    SQUARE D: Production resumed as Sun Dial Manufacturing then stopped in the 1980s.

    STEWART-WARNER: Last listed in 1976.

    TAPPAN: Became SJC Corp. in 1979 with name Frigiking Tappan. In 1982, SJC sold Janitrol line to Goodman Mfg. Tappan name revived by Nordyne in 1998 under license from Electrolux.

    TEMPSTAR : Name used to replace Whirlpool name when Inter City Gas purchased Heil-Quaker. See Heil furnaces. Heating systems

    THERMO PRODUCTS: Indiana manufacturer of ThermoPride brand furnaces & air condtioners, now owned by Burnham Corporation

    TRANE: The Trane Company purchased GE's climate control division in 1982. Trane was purchased by American-Standard in 1984. In 2007 American Standard spun off non HVAC lines and will be changing the corporate name to Trane. 

    TORRIDHEET  Last listed in 1972.

    WATERBURY  Last listed in 1962.

    WATERFURNACE Fort Wayne Indiana manufacturer of water source heat pumps.  Furnace repair company.

    WEATHERKING Former trade name of Addison Products, sold to Rheem in 1989. furnace Repairing.

    WESTINGHOUSE In 1981, sold to Borg-Warner [York]. Sale rights included names Moncrief, Luxaire, Fraser-Johnston all now used by York International. Name now used by Nordyne under license. Repairs

    WHIRLPOOL: In 1972 became Whirlpool Div. of Heil-Quaker, a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corp. Tempstar name replaced Whirlpool after Inter-City Gas Co. bought Heil-Quaker in 1986. See Heil-Quaker. In 2002, Whirlpool name used by Tradewinds Distributing with line they designed based on and made by Armstrong.

    WILLIAMS OIL-O-MATIC Last listed in 1972. Service.

    WILLIAMSON: Purchased by Hupp Industries which went bankrupt in 1991. Williamson name was purchased by Metzger Machine (Milwaukee Thermoflo) and used on furnace line. Late 1999, purchased by United Dominion (Weil-McLain's parent)

    WORTHINGTON: Became Mueller Climatrol in 1970 after being acquired by Fedders.

    YORK: Formerly a dvision of Borg-Warner, York International is now spun off. York also makes Fraser-Johnson, Luxaire, Moncrief, Winchester, Coleman-Evcon, AirPro, Red T. Also known in the past as Central Environmenal Systems. York was purchased by Johnson Controls in 2005

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