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York furnace troubleshooting error codes.

These are York error codes
York Furnace error codes are seen in three colors, red, green, and amber/yellow. Each color will also flash a specific number of times to signify a specific error. Breaking down each color, and number of flashes, will help you solve the problem you are having with your York Furnace.

Amber/Yellow Colored Error Code

If you see 1 amber/yellow flash, this means that everything is okay and the thermostat is signaling the need for cooling.

If 2 amber/yellow flashes appear, it signals that everything is okay and there is a call for heat.

If you notice 3 amber/yellow flashes, this means that everything is completely fine and your York Furnace is just completing a recent cycle. Of all of the York Furnace error codes, this is one you may see most frequent.

If 4 amber/yellow flashes appear on your York Furnace, it means that the heating of your system may be somewhat restricted. The air flow will not operate as it should when you see this error code.

5 amber/yellow flashes on your York Furnace signifies that the vent and/or combustion air system is restricted.

If you notice that you are seeing a continuously, fast flashing amber/yellow error code, it means that  flame sensing rod needs a little cleaning-up.

Red Colored Error Code

Taking it from the top, if you happen to see 1 red colored flash on your York Furnace, it signals that the gas valve isn’t receiving power. You may have a gas leak at the valve.

2 red colored flashes means that the switch that controls pressure is possibly stuck. If this switch gets stuck in the ‘closed’ position, you will receive this error code.

If you see 3 red colored flashes, it’s possible that your pressure switch is probably just stuck in the ‘open’ position.

4 red colored flashes may be signaling that the “high-limit” switch might be open. A plugged air filter, or restricted air flow may be the reason behind this York Furnace error code.

If you notice 5 red colored flashes on your York Furnace, it signifies that your furnace’s roll-out switch, or auxiliary switch, may be open. This switch can be reset by pushing the center of the red button on your furnace ( it should be located on the side ).

6 red colored flashes on your furnace means that the modulating gas valve has failed. This valve will need to be replaced.

7 red colored flashes signals to you that your furnace is in “lock out mode” . If after 3 attempts to re ignite is unsuccessful, “lock out mode” will remain in place for one-hour. After that hour is up, an attempt to re ignite will occur again.

Green Colored Error Code

If there’s 1 green colored flash on your York Furnace, it means your furnace is performing successfully and no need for heating exists.

2 green colored flashes on your furnace means that it is attempting to recall/retrieve previous York Furnace error codes which are stored. The 2 green colored flashes you are seeing also means that no stored error codes are being found.

If there’s 3 green colored flashes, please see the meaning for 2 green colored flashes above. 3 green colored flashes on your furnace has the same meaning as 2 green colored flashes. Everything is going well with your furnace.

More York furnace error codes

Fault condition                                               Red lite
Power on                                                       On
Limit circuit open or external load on "W"         1 flash
Pressure switch is open with inducer on            2 flashes
Pressure switch is closed with inducer off          3 flashes
Ignition failure (check ground)                        4 flashes
115 VAC & neutral reversed or no ground         5 flashes
False flame or gas valve relay shorted               continuous
Power off                                                       off
Low flame senser signal                                   continuous flash
Flame present                                                on