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Rheem furnace error codes/ flash code Canada.

Rheem failure codes

The FLAME LED is an indication of the presence of flame.
OFF – No flame is detected.
Rapid Blink – Unexpected Flame
Slow Blink – Marginal Flame Sense
Steady ON – Normal Flame Detected
The STATUS LED is an indication of a fault present.
Steady ON – Normal Fault detected.
1 Blink – Ignition failure – 1 HR lockout
2 Blinks – Pressure switch stuck open switch will not close when inducer is on.
3 Blinks – Limit switch open main limit or roll-out control.
4 Blinks – Pressure switch stuck closed. Switch will not open.
5 Blinks – Not applicable.
6 Blinks – Line and Neutral reversed.
The POWER LED is an indication of 24ac power to the board.
OFF – No power (24VAC) to control board.
ON – Control is powered.
The CFM LED is an indication of target airflow. This is a reasonably close approximation of the airflow pushed by the blower motor through the furnace.
Because of manufacturing and measurement tolerances, air density, humidity, ambient air temperature and other things, the CFM actually measured may vary significantly from this target value.
One Blink represents 100 CFM of target
airflow. A half blink represents approx. 50 CFM. When the blink sequence is complete, there will be a noticeable pause of approximately one second before the sequence repeats. For example, if eleven and one half blinks are counted followed by a one second pause and then eleven and one half blinks are counted again, the target airflow is approximtely 1150 CFM.