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Fasco A163 Draft Inducer Blower Motor



Fasco A163 Draft Inducer Blower Motor Canada .$ 270.00  plus tax. 

Call 416 402-8295 Same day may be possible. 

Replaces part number 68K21, 67K0401, RFB547, A163 Fasco A163 3.3-Inch Frame Shaded Pole OEM Replacement Specific Purpose Blower Ball Bearing, 1/20HP, 3400RPM, 115V, 60Hz, 1.8 Amps Replacement motor for part #s: 117813-00, 11781300, 000597, MOT163A LB-65734E, FBRFB547, 290, FB-RFB547 40404-003G-004, 44431-001, 40404-004 2862-513-040, 367170004, 20190601 7021-9625, 110523, 44385-1, 40404-4 LN5304, 2862-513-040, 2862-513-40 LB-65734G, LB65734G, 68K21, 68K2101 67K04, 7021-10721, 702110721, 67K0401 7021-10302, 702110302, 66701, 7021-9450 70219450, LB-65734J, LB65734J, 48L9601 48L9601, X89596, A163, 68K21 This motor is used in the following furnace models: Used in Armstrong Lennox Furnace Models: G26Q3-75-6 G26Q3756 RGC90A075D20-2 RGC90A100D14-2 RGC90A100D20-2 RGC90A125D20-2 RGU90A050D10-2 RGU90A050D10-3 RGU90A050D12-2 RGU90A050D12-3 RGU90A075D10-2 RGU90A075D10-3 RGU90A075D14-2 RGU90A075D14-3 RGU90A075D20-2 RGU90A075D20-3 RGU90A100D14-2 RGU90A100D14-3 RGU90A100D20-2 RGU90A100D20-3 RGU90A125D20-2 RGU90A125D20-3 GUK075D10-1 GUK075D10-2 GUK075D10-3 GUK075D14-1 GUK075D14-2 GUK075D14-3 GUK075D20-1 GUK075D20-2 GUK075D20-3 GUK100D14-1 GUK100D14-2 GUK100D14-3 GUK100D20-1 GUK100D20-2 GUK100D20-3 GUK125D20-1 GUK125D20-2 GUK125D20-3 RGC90A050D10-2 RGC90A050D12-2 RGC90A075D14-2 EG7E80DC16-7 GCK050D10-2 GCK050D10-3 GCK050D12-2 GCK050D12-3 GCK075D14-2 GCK075D14-3 GCK075D20-2 GCK075D20-3 GCK100D14-2 GCK100D14-3 GCK100D20-2 GCK100D20-3 GCK125D20-2 GCK125D20-3 GU93A070D10-1 GU93A070D10-2 GU93A070D10-3 GU93A070D14-1 GU93A070D14-2 GU93A070D14-3 GU93A090D14-1 GU93A090D14-2 GU93A090D14-3 GU93A090D20-1 GU93A090D20-2 GU93A090D20-3 GU93A115D20-1 GU93A115D20-2 GU93A115D20-3 GUK050D10-1 GUK050D10-2 GUK050D10-3 GUK050D12-1 GUK050D12-2 GUK050D12-3 GU93A045D10-1 GU93A045D10-2 GU93A045D10-3 GU93A045D12-1 GU93A045D12-2 GU93A045D12-3 GUK075D10-3A GUK075D10-3 EG6E100DC20-2 EG6E100DC20-5 EG6E100DC20-5LP EG6E100DC20-6 EG6E40DC13-5 EG6E40DC13-5LP EG6E40DC13-6 EG6E60DC14-5 EG6E60DC14-5LP EG6E60DC14-6 EG6E80DC16-5 EG6E80DC16-5LP EG6E80DC16-6 EG6E80DC19-5 EG6E80DC19-5LP EG6E80DC19-6 EG7E100DC20-7 EG7E40DC13-7 EG7E60DC14-7 G23Q3/4-100-6 GHR26Q3/4-100-7 GHR26Q3/41007 GHR26Q341007 GHR26 Series G23Q2/3-75-4 G26Q3-75-2 G26Q3-75-1 G26Q3-75 G26Q3-75-1 G23Q23754 GH90A100D14-1A G26Q4/5-125-1 G26Q4/5-125-3 G26Q3/4-100-4 C217-08P G26Q3/41004 G26Q451251 G26Q3/4-100-6 G26Q, G601 G23Q5/6-125-2 Most 90UGFA models

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