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Furnace flame ignitors Canada part # number.

Below is the list of NORDYNE flame ignitors CANADA we have in stock as of September 16 2023.

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Ignitor Kit w/ Plug Part number -- 903110A Nordyne Hot Surface Ignitor for G3-G6 Part number -- 903758 Nordyne Furnace Ignitor with Plug Part number -- 902661A Nordyne HSI Ignitor Nitride G7 Part number -- 1017743S Hot Surface Ignition Module Part number -- 626421R Nordyne Igniter Kit (208/230V) Part number -- 903179 Nordyne SI NI Hot Surface Ignitor Part number -- 1016290S Flat Hot Surface Ignitor Kit Flat Hot Surface Ignitor Kit Part number -- 902499 Hot Surface Ignitor Kit Part number -- 902694 .058 Restrictor Orifice #58 Part number -- 664058 Nordyne Interface Board, Inv, Ng, 5t, Hp Part number -- 624770R Interface Board, Inv, Ng, 2t, Hp Part number -- 624767R Ignitor Replacement Part Part number -- 632437 Interface Board, Inv, Ng, 3t, Hp Part number -- 624768R Kit, Igniter/burner Box, 4, G7 Part number -- 1025460 Kit, Igniter/burner Box, 7, G7 Part number -- 1025463 Interface Board, Inv, Ng, 4t, Hp Part number -- 624769R Interface Board, Rk, Ss, Ac, 5t Part number -- 624837 Kit, Igniter/burner Box, 5, G7 Part number -- 1025461 Interface Board, Rk, Ss, Ac, 2t Part number -- 624834R Igniter Impact Part number -- 631248 Nordyne Oil Burner Part number -- 903447 Kit, Igniter/burner Box, 6, G7 Part number -- 1025462 Kit, Conv, Controls, Fshe, B6 Part number -- 1025315 Interface Board, Inv, R6gi, 3t Part number -- 624772R Interface Board, Rk, Ss, Ac, 4t Part number -- 624836R Pcb, Control, B6, 1-stage, Export Part number -- 624737R Nordyne Pcb, Control, B6, Dm2x, Export Part number -- 624788R Nordyne Board, Cntl, G8 Uln 95%, 55k Part number -- 1029952R Blower.cntl, Vshe, R6gi Part number -- 921968 Kit, Igniter/burner Box, 3, G7 Part number -- 1025459 Nordyne Rpl Kit, Iq Interface Board Part number -- 904613 Interface Board, Rk, Ss, Ac, 3t Interface Board, Rk, Ss, Ac, 3t Part number -- 624835R Nordyne Sensor, Flame 7.5/10t Sensor, Flame 7.5/10t Part number -- 632322R Furn.cntl, Hsi, 2stg, 230v Part number -- 921967 Mon, Jan 22 Didn't find what you're looking for? Let us know .