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Trane furnace repair services Mississauga error codes.

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If you're looking for help fixing your Trane Furnace in Mississauga, look no further! Our comprehensive Trane Furnace error code guide will explain common issues, provide tips, and show you how to read your model's error codes.

CODE: Flashing Slow 
PROBLEM: Normal no call for heat. 
FIX: This is only an issue if you have raised your thermostat and your furnace doesn't respond. 

CODE: Flashing Fast 
PROBLEM: Normal call for heat. 
FIX: Only beware this if your furnace is continuously calling for heat and isn't responding to your thermostat. 

CODE: Continuous On 
PROBLEM: Control panel issue. 
FIX: Replace Control Panel. 

CODE: Continuous Off 
PROBLEM: Check Power. 
FIX: Check Power. 

CODE: 2 Flashes 
PROBLEM: External Lockout (Retried or recycles exceeded). 
FIX: Check for miswiring, clogged pilot tube, or humidity in the unit. 

CODE: 3 Flashes 
PROBLEM: Pressure Switch error. 
FIX: Check if the drain tubes are full of moisture or obstructed with dirt. 

CODE: 4 Flashes 
PROBLEM: Open high limit device. 
FIX: The issue with thermal protection. 

CODE: 5 Flashes 
PROBLEM: Flame sensed when NO flame should be present. 
FIX: Check for a leaky gas valve, stuck gas valve, or defective flame sensor. 

CODE: 6 Flashes 
PROBLEM: 115 VAC power reversed polarity or poor grounding. 
FIX: Correct line voltage polarity, check the wiring. 

CODE: 7 Flashes 
PROBLEM: Gas Valve circuit error. 
FIX: Check your unit's gas valves for the issue. 

CODE: 8 Flashes 
PROBLEM: Low Flame sense signal. 
FIX: Check for flame sensor malfunction or low gas pressure. 

CODE: 9 Flashes 
PROBLEM: Check Igniter. 
FIX: Check igniter.

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