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Gas furnace repair service Mississauga.  

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We do heating  repairs in Clarkson ,Lorne Park, Streetsville ,as well as Port Credit and Oakville areas. As a local residential HVAC contractor doing heating and air conditioning services for over 35 years, we know you want an experienced licensed gas fitter to do the maintenace on your gas furnace and heating system. Profesional furnace companies repairing gas heating systems need to be licensed by TSSSA. When your furnace has stopped working and not giving any heat you need a Mississauga furnace company that can help you ASAP. 

Clarkson comfort zone in Mississauga heating and air conditioner services repair install and service all types of heating systems in Mississauga Oakville Streetsville Clarkson, Port Credit Ont.  Just type furnace repair near me, and we will be there in a jiffy.

We service sell and do repair maintenance on all popular air conditioning and residential heating systems.

Our knowledgeable and certified HVAC service technicians will find a solution pertaining to any problems to your existing HVAC system. We will get your heating or cooling system up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether it’s residential, industrial or commercial, let our service repair department save you money on your heating or air conditioner services..

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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario Canada Postal Codes L4T 0A1 L4T 0A2 L4T 0A3 L4T 0A4 L4T 0A5 L4T 0A6 L4T 0A7 L4T 0A8 L4T 0A9 L4T 0B1 L4T 0B2 L4T 0B3 L4T 0B4 L4T 0B5 L4T 1A1 L4T 1A2 L4T 1A3 L4T 1A4 L4T 1A5 L4T 1A6 L4T 1A8 L4T 1A9 L4T 1B1 L4T 1B2 L4T 1B3 L4T 1B5 L4T 1B6 L4T 1B7 L4T 1B8 L4T 1B9 L4T 1C1 L4T 1C2 L4T 1C3 L4T 1C4 L4T 1C5 L4T 1C6 L4T 1C7 L4T 1C8 L4T 1C9 L4T 1E1 L4T 1E2 L4T 1E3 L4T 1E4 L4T 1E6 L4T 1E7 L4T 1E8 L4T 1E9 L4T 1G1 L4T 1G2 L4T 1G3 L4T 1G4 L4T 1G5 L4T 1G6 L4T 1G7 L4T 1G8 L4T 1G9 L4T 1H2 L4T 1H3 L4T 1H4 L4T 1H5 L4T 1H6 L4T 1H7 L4T 1H8 L4T 1H9 L4T 1J1 L4T 1J2 L4T 1J3 L4T 1J4 L4T 1J5 L4T 1J6 L4T 1J7 L4T 1J8 L4T 1J9 L4T 1K1 L4T 1K2 L4T 1K3 L4T 1K4 L4T 1K5 L4T 1K6 L4T 1K7 L4T 1K8 L4T 1K9 L4T 1L1 L4T 1L2 L4T 1L4 L4T 1L5 L4T 1L6 L4T 1L7 L4T 1L8 L4T 1L9 L4T 1M1 L4T 1M2 L4T 1M3 L4T 1M4 L4T 1M5 L4T 1M6 L4T 1M7 L4T 1M8 L4T 1M9 L4T 1N1 L4T 1N2 L4T 1N3 L4T 1N4 L4T 1N5 L4T 1N6 L4T 1N7 L4T 1N8 L4T 1N9 L4T 1P1 L4T 1P2 L4T 1P3 L4T 1P4 L4T 1P5 L4T 1P6 L4T 1P7 L4T 1P8 L4T 1P9 L4T 1R1 L4T 1R2 L4T 1R3 L4T 1R4 L4T 1R5 L4T 1R6 L4T 1R7 L4T 1R8 L4T 1R9 L4T 1S1 L4T 1S2 L4T 1S3 L4T 1S4 L4T 1S5 L4T 1S6 L4T 1S7 L4T 1S8 L4T 1S9 L4T 1T1 L4T 1T2 L4T 1T3 L4T 1T4 L4T 1T5 L4T 1T6 L4T 1T7 L4T 1T8 L4T 1T9 L4T 1V1 L4T 1V2 L4T 1V3 L4T 1V4 L4T 1V5 L4T 1V6 L4T 1V7 L4T 1V8 L4T 1V9 L4T 1W1 L4T 1W2 L4T 1W3 L4T 1W4 L4T 1W5 L4T 1W6 L4T 1W7 L4T 1W8 L4T 1W9 L4T 1X1 L4T 1X2 L4T 1X3 L4T 1X4 L4T 1X5 L4T 1X6 L4T 1X7 L4T 1X8 L4T 1X9 L4T 1Y1 L4T 1Y2 L4T 1Y3 L4T 1Y4 L4T 1Y5 L4T 1Y6 L4T 1Y7 L4T 1Y8 L4T 1Y9 L4T 1Z1 L4T 1Z2 L4T 1Z3 L4T 1Z4 L4T 1Z5 L4T 1Z6 L4T 1Z7 L4T 1Z8 L4T 1Z9 L4T 2A1 L4T 2A2 L4T 2A3 L4T 2A4 L4T 2A5 L4T 2A6 L4T 2A7 L4T 2A8 L4T 2A9 L4T 2B1 L4T 2B2 L4T 2B3 L4T 2B4 L4T 2B5 L4T 2B6 L4T 2B7 L4T 2B8 L4T 2B9 L4T 2C1 L4T 2C2 L4T 2C3 L4T 2C4 L4T 2C5 L4T 2C6 L4T 2C7 L4T 2C8 L4T 2C9 L4T 2E1 L4T 2E2 L4T 2E3 L4T 2E4 L4T 2E5 L4T 2E6 L4T 2E7 L4T 2E8 L4T 2E9 L4T 2G1 L4T 2G2 L4T 2G3 L4T 2G4 L4T 2G5 L4T 2G6 L4T 2G7 L4T 2G8 L4T 2H1 L4T 2H2 L4T 2H3 L4T 2H5 L4T 2H7 L4T 2H8 L4T 2H9 L4T 2J1 L4T 2J2 L4T 2J3 L4T 2J4 L4T 2J5 L4T 2J6 L4T 2J7 L4T 2J8 L4T 2J9 L4T 2K1 L4T 2K2 L4T 2K3 L4T 2K4 L4T 2K5 L4T 2K6 L4T 2K7 L4T 2K8 L4T 2K9 L4T 2L1 L4T 2L2 L4T 2L3 L4T 2L4 L4T 2L5 L4T 2L6 L4T 2L7 L4T 2L8 L4T 2L9 L4T 2M1 L4T 2M2 L4T 2M3 L4T 2M4 L4T 2M5 L4T 2M6 L4T 2M7 L4T 2M8 L4T 2M9 L4T 2N1 L4T 2N2 L4T 2N3 L4T 2N4 L4T 2N5 L4T 2N6 L4T 2N7 L4T 2N8 L4T 2N9 L4T 2P1 L4T 2P2 L4T 2P3 L4T 2P4 L4T 2P5 L4T 2P6 L4T 2P7 L4T 2P8 L4T 2P9 L4T 2R1 L4T 2R2 L4T 2R3 L4T 2R4 L4T 2R5 L4T 2R6 L4T 2R7 L4T 2R8 L4T 2R9 L4T 2S1 L4T 2S2 L4T 2S3 L4T 2S4 L4T 2S5 L4T 2S6 L4T 2S7 L4T 2S8 L4T 2S9 L4T 2T1 L4T 2T2 L4T 2T3 L4T 2T4 L4T 2T5 L4T 2T6 L4T 2T7 L4T 2T8 L4T 2T9 L4T 2V1 L4T 2V2 L4T 2V3 L4T 2V4 L4T 2V5 L4T 2V6 L4T 2V7 L4T 2V8 L4T 2V9 L4T 2W1 L4T 2W2 L4T 2W3 L4T 2W4 L4T 2W5 L4T 2W6 L4T 2W7 L4T 2W8 L4T 2W9 L4T 2X1 L4T 2X2 L4T 2X3 L4T 2X4 L4T 2X5 L4T 2X6 L4T 2X7 L4T 2X8 L4T 2X9 L4T 2Y1 L4T 2Y2 L4T 2Y3 L4T 2Y4 L4T 2Y5 L4T 2Y6 L4T 2Y7 L4T 2Y8 L4T 2Y9 L4T 2Z1 L4T 2Z2 L4T 2Z3 L4T 2Z4 L4T 2Z5 L4T 2Z6 L4T 2Z7 L4T 2Z8 L4T 2Z9 L4T 3A1 L4T 3A2 L4T 3A3 L4T 3A4 L4T 3A5 L4T 3A6 L4T 3A7 L4T 3A8 L4T 3A9 L4T 3B1 L4T 3B5 L4T 3B6 L4T 3C4 L4T 3C5 L4T 3C6 L4T 3C7 L4T 3C8 L4T 3C9 L4T 3E1 L4T 3E2 L4T 3E3 L4T 3E4 L4T 3E5 L4T 3E6 L4T 3E7 L4T 3E8 L4T 3G1 L4T 3G2 L4T 3G3 L4T 3G4 L4T 3G5 L4T 3G6 L4T 3G7 L4T 3G8

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At the Clarkson Comfort Zone furnace repair services Mississauga, our goal is to offer the most reasonably priced HVAC work in the Peel region Because we value our customers, we do everything we can to keep furnace repair service costs down without skimping on quality. We also pride ourselves on our experienced furnace repairmen for  fast repair of all types of furnace, tankless water heaters, humidifier and air conditioning systems..

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Our site offers furnace error codes and flash codes so you can tell our furnace repairman what the symptoms are with your gas furnace.

Licensed and insured HVAC contractor Industry experience Flexible appointments Prompt service. 

 and tankless error codes.   TSSA Technical and safety standards. 

Mahoning Maytag McQuay Miami Heat Pump Midea Miller Mitsubishi Monitor Products Mor-Flo Napoleon National-US Radiator Natures Comfort Navien Navigator Stove Works New Yorker Newmac Nordic Nordyne Noritz Nuheat NY Thermal Olsen Oneida Royal Osburn Pacific Energy Pacific Western Paloma Panasonic Parker Boiler Patterson Kelley  Peerless PelPro Pennco INC. Philco Pleasant Hearth Polar Furnace Polaris Portage and Main Potterton Pro-Fab Industries Quadra-Fire Quietside Raypak Regency Reliance Residential Retreat Rheem Richmond Rinnai Ruud Samsung Sanyo Scandia Sears Seisco Sharp Shaver Slant-Fin Smith Cast Iron Boilers Spartan State Stiebel Eltron Style Crest Suburban Summers Heat SunTouch Super Hot Takagi Tappan Taylor Tempstar Texas Furnace, LLC Thermal Solutions Thermal Zone Thermo Pride Titan Toshiba Toyotomi Trane Trianco Trianco Heatmaker Triangle Tube United States Stove Company US Craftmaster Utica Vaillant Vermont Castings Viessmann Vogelzang Voltas Warming Systems WaterFurnace Weatherking Weil-McLain Westinghouse Whirlpool Whitfield Williams Williamson-Thermoflo Wood Doctor Woodmaster WoodPro Woodstock Soapstone Company Worcester York Yukon-Eagle

Red tagged furnace according to the law, any gas appliance that is found to be in an unacceptable condition is liable for red-tagging by the licensed, certified gas technician. The gas technicians are allowed to decide whether a furnace or any other appliance should be red-tagged and the type of red-tag to use. If the furnace or any other appliance has been damaged or shows some level of deterioration that may impair safe operation if the conditions of its pipes or tubes and hoses have an identified issue if the furnace is being used for unapproved purposes. Also, if the device has been altered and the alteration impairs its safe operation. More on red tags here. 

We are authorized furnace and HVAC dealers  for all types of furnaces in Canada. 

American Standard Furnaces. Amana Gas Furnaces. Bryant Furnaces. Carrier Furnace Units. Daikin Furnaces. Goodman Gas Furnaces. Lennox Furnace Units. Rheem Furnaces.


York furnace.


Furnace repair service in the Mississauga Peel region. Streetsville, Oakville, Burlington, Lorne Park , Port Credit , Clarkson. We do service of all types of gas furnaces in Ontario Canada. 

     Fasco exhaust blower motors for exhaust fans and furnace inducer furnace parts canada furnace parts near me furnace parts online canada furnace parts by model number where to buy furnace parts motors Canada. 


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Our HVAC services.

From gas furnace repais heating services in Mississauga to air conditioning installation. Clarkson comfort

Redtag removal.


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Furnace installation sales service and repair.

Furnace filter sales online

We serve the  GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Lorne park, Toronto

Your gas furnace needs to do you justice and serve you several years before you think about replacement or repair. However they will not take care of themselves unless you begin maintaining them and checking up on them frequently. If it is dirty, you as the user are supposed to know when to clean it .Taking into concern your furnace is the only way to avoid spending on it each and every season.

If have been buying a new furnace each season, its time you stopped. The following tips on maintenance will help your gas furnace remain in good condition for more years:

Ensure you are working under safe conditions
Gas appliances can strike anytime, ensure you exercise safety measures .Before you begin cleaning and checking your gas furnace and turn it off. Ensure the power system and any circuits connecting to the furnace are off. Check for gas leaks before you begin cleaning.gas leaks can be very dangerous and can cause fatal accidents. If there are leaks, request a professional to fix the problem. Stay far away from the gas until it is fixed. Once everything is perfect, proceed with your HVAC cleaning.

Clean and replace the filter system
The filter system is one major part of a gas furnace because it prevents dirt from entering the furnace. It is recommended that every gas furnace owner replace or clean the filter continuously depending on the use. This is because it filters and traps dust, dirt and other debris. Check the filter and see if it has accumulated lots of dirt. If it is completely clogged, consider doing a replacement. They are sold at an extremely affordable price. Change the air filter and prevent your gas furnace from malfunctioning.

Check the thermostat
Are you setting your thermostat but still feel uncomfortable around the room? If yes, know that there is a problem with your thermostat especially if it has been working for many years. Chances are your thermostat has stopped working and needs to be replaced. Check the thermostat and ensure it’s in proper condition and replace it when need be.

Clean the blower
When cleaning the filter sytem, the blower assembly should be next on line. The blower is located right after the air filter. The little dust, dirt and debris that penetrates through the air filter goes to the blower. You will have to clean the blower, pulleys and belts in order to remove the accumulated dirt. Remove the panels that cover the filter to access the blower assembly. Use a damp cloth while cleaning the blower.

Clean or repair furnace ducts
Furnace ducts are prone to damages especially when using a forced-air furnace. In such a case, one is required to clean ducts frequently using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Once you have finished, cover all ducts to prevent air from leaking into the furnace.

Clean the vents
Gas furnaces are hooked with a venting system. This ventilation at some point can block due to large amounts of dust and debris. Blocked ventilation is dangerous and can cause lots of hazards to the users. Using a large brush, clean all the vents .begin by removing the vent cover and clean the inside using the vacuum cleaner.

Fan inspection
To avoid experiencing problems with your gas furnace, a thorough inspection will be helpful. Inspection done by professionals will save you all the costs to spend on repairing parts of the gas furnace. Besides a general inspection, its fan components should also be checked. An inspection will reveal whether there are dust and other components on it. Make it a routine to take your gas furnace for a thorough inspection yearly.

Cleaning and maintaining a gas furnace in Mississauga is not much of a task or challenge. It is also not very expensive to maintain a gas furnace. You will encounter fewer expenses and perhaps never have to buy another gas furnace. Do not let dirt and debris prevent you from cleaning your gas furnace. You have no reason to request a professional anytime you experience problems with your furnace. Ensure you play it safe. Get the most out of your gas furnace by adhering to the above maintenance tips.